Training & Symposia
  Motivational Incentive Blending Conference
Cue for videos A Blending Conference took place on July 13, 2012 in the Baltimore-Washington Metro area. It was sponsored by the
Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (a program of the Danya Institute), and the Mid-Atlantic Node Clinical
Trials Network. It featured presentations on the Blending Products which are a collaborative effort of The National Drug
Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network and the National Institute of Drug Abuse/Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administrations Blending Initiative. The purpose of the products is to disseminate treatment and training products
based on results conducted by the NIDA Clinical Trials Network. The audience was made up of practitioners in the
Substance Abuse Treatment workforce. They were given an overview of two Motivational Incentive Blending Products,
and later in the day there were workshops to demonstrate how to implement one of these particular evidence based practice. These presentation videos will give you an idea of what to expect from each package.The Blending products are also
now available as a suite which includes More information about the NIDA Blending Initiative and its
products is available at:
spacer gif spacer gifMotivational Incentive Blending Conference, 2012 in Baltimore-Washington area
spacer gif Melissa Wesner, counselor at the Man Alive Treatment Center
Melissa Wesner

blendingiconIn this video, Melissa Wesner, a counselor at the Man Alive Treatment Center, a methadone clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, introduces us to Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives (PAMI) which is based on the positive research outcomes of the CTN MIEDAR Study.  This study encouraged the use of the Fishbowl Method.  Melissa explains how
incentives can generate a positive atmosphere for both patients and clinicians. 

  Motivational Incentive Blending Conference, 2012 in Baltimore-Washington area
  Lori Peterson, the Director of the Lane Treatment Center
Lori Peterson

blendingiconIn this video, Lori Peterson, the Director of the Lane Treatment Center, an IOP in Baltimore, Maryland, introduces
us to Motivational Incentives: Positive Reinforcers to Enhance Successful Treatment Outcomes (MI: Presto) which is a self-guided interactive on-line course.  The course is designed to assist clinical supervisors and other behavioral healthcare practitioners to learn and utilize the seven Principles of Motivational Incentives. 

  Symposia: Hosted by Central East ATTC and Mid-Atlantic Node
  MIchelle Jobes, Ph.D., Clinical Research Specialist, Intramural Research Program, NIDA
Michele Jobes

On March 8, 2013, the Clinical Trials Network's Mid-Atlantic Node conducted a symposium entitled "Brave New World: Using Technology to Enhance Behavioral Health". In this segment, MIchelle Jobes, Ph.D., Clinical Research Specialist, Intramural Research Program, NIDA, demonstrates how to use the Motivational Incentives Software System (MIIS) that she helped design and test in a drug abusing clinical population.  The software system is meant to help counselors keep good records, and track inventory. Here, Dr. Jobes explains to the audience how you can enter an entire caseload, schedule appointments, target behaviors, and assigns draws for achieving those behaviors.  When the participant achieves a goal, he gets to do his own coin toss to see if he won a prize and what size the prize will be. This software is now freely available for use in a variety of clinical settings to implement motivational incentives. For a CD, call Synergy Enterprises, Inc. at (240) 485-1700.

  NIDA/CTN Steering Committee meeting - Community Treatment Providers' Advice
  The Challenges of Implementation and Professional Perspectives
Treatment Providers
Providers logoAt a recent NIDA/CTN Steering Committee meeting, we caught up with some CTP (Community Treatment Providers) folks who have had experience with setting up an incentive program. In these video clips, they share their expertise with you and comment on some of the challenges of implementation. Each one gives a bit of a different perspective, and all deserve kudos for their pioneering efforts.  For creative ideas for inexpensive prizes, click on Christine Higgins,
dissemination coordinator at the Mid-Atlantic node
  Interview with Adamma Anumba of Mountain Manor Treatment Center
  Adamma Anumba, Research Assistant and Prize Specialist, Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Catonsville, Md.

MM small logoAdamma Anumba, Prize Specialist at the Mountain Manor Treatment Center in Baltimore, MD talks about using
the Motivational Incentive Software System. It's a tool currently available as a CD that is part of the NIDA/SAMSHA
MI-Presto Blending Package. Mountain Manor has implemented a program that incentivizes their adolescent
outpatients to attend groups.

  Christine Higgins - Dissemination Specialist with the Mid-Atlantic Node
spacer gif spacer gifUsing Smaller Prizes as Motivational Incentives

Mid-AtlanticNode LogoChristine Higgins, Dissemination Specialist Mid-Atlantic Node, talks about how to use smaller prizes and the rationale for selecting particular prizes. She explains how using smaller prizes helps break a goal down into steps. Taking
small steps toward a goal can make it more achievable as well as more economical. Mrs. Higgins also provides tips on
where to shop for prizes and how to do more with less.