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Resources For Program Administrators

These resources will help you as you take on the challenge of implementing Motivational Incentives. You will need these important tools to inform and persuade state agencies, governing boards, executive staff and even clinicians. Motivational Incentives are an evidence based practice that is not only therapeutically valuable, but in many cases can increase revenue or decrease costs at your agency.

The following resources are recommended especially to aid administrators in the implementation of motivational
incentives into their agencies. Find out what's so great about incentives. Use our powerpoint presentation to help with staff resistance. Use our checklist The CM Manual, A Guide to Instituting Low-Cost Motivational Incentives. Here is a sample policy and procedure form for your use. We have some wonderful fundraising and development ideas to help you expand your resources.

* These materials are part of the official NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiative Product. (PAMI) For more information about the NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiative, please visit

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