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Bright Ideas for Clinicians

Bright Idea printouts:

cooler pic

Orientation Prize Cooler:

A Colorful cooler full of prizes makes a great incentive
Counselors went to the local dollar store and filled
this cooler with items for a summer picnic. When patients
attended any orientation group, they received a small prize
and a raffle ticket to enter to win this prize. The cooler was
on display as well as a jar with the mounting tickets. It is very important that when you ask patients to be part of a
contingency, they get to see what they’re hoping to win. If
you can’t securely display the prize, then take a picture and
make flyers to post around the clinic. The small prizes for orientation groups were as follows:

• Introduction - Ballpoint Pen (with clinic’s name on it)
• Medication - Water bottle (with clinic’s name on it)
• Safe Sex - Goodie bag (condoms & candies)
• Understanding Addiction - Rubber bracelet (with
inspirational message)

honor board

New Patient Orientation Honor Board:

Here's a creatively designed incentive project. This
clinic created an honor board linked to new patient
orientation. The mountain, sun and winding path are made
from pieces of felt. There are symbols or Polaroid pictures
to represent patients. As patients were able to meet
expectations they moved along the path eventually
reaching the mountain’s summit. Incentive project put
together by Universal Counseling Services, Inc. Project
directed by
Tracy Schulden.

punch card

Counselor Punch Card:

Here’s a twist on incentivizing patients or clients. This
punch card was designed to incentivize counselors who
often cancelled groups due to lack of sufficient attendance.
The card works like a punch card you might get at a coffee
shop. As each week passed counselors rec’d a hole punch. Counselors were being incentivized to attend five classes
(1-5) on group counseling techniques. Then, they earned monetary rewards for the number of clients they had in their group. They were awarded for any number in the first five
groups. After that, a counselor could earn extra money for
addional attendees (groups 7 – 12) Counselors rec’d a
bonus if they were willing to tape a group session. The
punch card is a nice idea even for patients; it represents participation in a common business practice. If you honor
the coffee shop with your business, after 10 coffees they
“reward” you with a free cup. That’s the contingency. The
other nice thing about a punch card is that you can monitor
your own success. Sometimes, that alone can be motivating. Attend three groups in any sequence, get free bus tokens
for your next visit.

Craftsman Tool Cart:

Here's a clever prize cabinet idea. This Craftsman tool cart purchased at a local home improvement store is an inexpensive way to provide a prize cabinet. The beauty of the cart is that it can be locked to protect the prizes, and it's on wheels which means it can be easily moved from one group room to another. The cart is used to provide incentives for psycho-educational groups.  It is filled with incentives ranging from small trinkets to AA materials. These materials are highly prized by group members. Cart idea conceived by Jim Beiting, Executive Director Community Behavioral Health, Inc. Hamilton, Ohio