Michael Levy, Vice President Clinical Services CAB Health & Recovery Services/Health & Education Services
Peabody, MA
Target Population: Residential
Target Behavior: Compliance & Cooperation
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Tracy Schulden, Director
Universal Counseling
Services, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
Target Behavior:
90-day retention
Target Audience: All new clients click here to learn more...


Jim Beiting, Executive Director Community Behavioral Health, Inc. Hamilton, Ohio
Target Populations: Participants in Psycho Educational Groups
Target Behavior: Group Attendance
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Kathy Ulm, Director
Rushford Treatment Center
Rushford, CT
Target Population: All Patients
Target Behavior: Retention in Treatment
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Bernice Layton, Financial Mgr.
Man Alive, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland
Target Population: Patients who have MCO or PAC insurance
Target Behavior: Up to date insurance coverage
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